Sunday, December 31, 2023

Audiobook Challenge 2024


I am accepting the Audiobook Challenge 2024. I had success in 2023 and look forward to pushing myself a bit. Again, I chose Binge Listener which is 20-30.

Some of the audiobooks I listen to have been given to me to review, and the rest are those that I have purchased. My main source for audiobooks is Audible. Other places I listen to audiobooks are Chirp, Spotify (Authors Direct), and once in a while, Netgalley.

More often than not, I listen in my car going to and from work. On the days I get to work an hour before opening, I will continue to listen while doing my paperwork. I do get a bit grumpy when someone interrupts me before I need to stop.

Here is to a great listening year!

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