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Book Review: Block's Road (Riot MC Biloxi #6) by Karen Renee



A night with a vigilante biker wasn’t my wisest choice.
I can’t resist the cocky motorcycle man, even though Block is old enough to be my father. He said he didn’t do commitments, which made it the perfect night of fun.
Except afterward, nobody else appeals to me.

Block shows up weeks later, and I break my one-time-only rule. I won’t fall for his arrogant smile and burly, tattooed build. It’s one last night to get him out of my system. Neither of us wants a relationship. Every wicked thing he does to me feels different - like it could be the real thing.

When a threat lands on my doorstep, one final night with Block becomes a three-day-weekend. He insists on helping me resolve my problems which only brings us closer together.
The day after our weekend together, I find out he’s my new boss.

Life always shoots me down and being with Block is no different.

Problem is, Block thinks we can be an exception.
I don’t want to be an exception. We should quit while we can.

If you love a sassy heroine, one-night-to-forever romance, and an alpha hero who sees what he wants and won’t let go, then you’ll love Block’s Road.

Amazon: Block's Road: Riot MC Biloxi #6 - Kindle edition by Renee, Karen. Romance Kindle eBooks @

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My Review - 5 of 5 stars - 

I did not want to put this book down. I loved the connection and interactions between Heidi and Block. Block was so protective of Heidi and patient with her resistance to sharing her history. She battled her past to try and become a better person. With the danger coming at them on top of it all, their journey was quite a roller coaster. I really enjoyed this story and have enjoyed the series, and I recommend both.

I received a copy of this story through Enticing Journey Book Promotions, and this is my unsolicited review.

Book Review: Bad Romance (Billionaire's Club #16) by Elise Faber



She’d been broken.
He was determined to help her put the pieces back together.

Looking after the woman he’d claimed as his was in Asher’s blood.
It was what a Hutchins man did.
Except…he hadn’t.
He hadn’t been there for Melody when she had needed him the most.
And now she was…
But he couldn’t go back, couldn’t change the past.
So, he was going to do the only thing he could.
He was going to gather up every single piece of her.
And he was going to make her whole.

Amazon: Bad Romance (Billionaire's Club Book 16) - Kindle edition by Faber, Elise. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

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My Review - 4 of 5 stars - 

This was an interesting story with some gritty moments, steamy moments, and more. Mel had a rough past, which snuck up on her again, which she tried to get over. Ash had his own issues and tried to keep some distance from Mel. Together, they were one hot couple and helped each other heal. I enjoyed this story.

I received a copy of this story through 1852 Media, and this is my unsolicited review.

Friday, March 24, 2023

Book Review: The Surfing Mouse by Stefan Piccione



Everyone's afraid of something. "The Surfing Mouse" is the story of a brave young mouse who overcomes his fear of surfing big waves. It shows how determination, strength, and a strong belief in yourself can help you achieve your dreams and goals. With stunning illustrations and a catchy rhyming story, this epic "tail" will surely captivate your children. Surf is definitely up!

Enjoy the ride!

Amazon: The Surfing Mouse: Piccione, Stefan, Croteau, Em: 9780228872320: Books

B&N: The Surfing Mouse by Stefan Piccione, Em Croteau, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

Goodreads: The Surfing Mouse by Stefan Piccione | Goodreads

My Review - 5 of 5 stars - 

This was a fun read with a message about overcoming fear. The illustrations were well done and suited the story. Children of any age could read this or have it read to them as a little life lesson before bed. I enjoyed it.

I received a copy of this story through Goddess Fish Promotions, and this is my unsolicited review.

Book Review: Valentine's Eve (Royal Bastards MC: Nashville, TN #7) by Morgan Jane Mitchell



From USA Today Bestselling Author Morgan Jane Mitchell comes the next installment in her Royal Bastards MC: Nashville, TN Chapter, Valentine's Eve.

Kingpin warned her it'd be better to lie. When she didn't take his advice, Eve's life went spiraling out of control. Although, that's partly his fault. It does take two to tango, after all. But now Eve can have all she ever wanted, Hallow and a baby. All she has to do is lie. All Kingpin has to do is keep quiet. And ignore Eve being happy with another man. Besides, he already has a loving wife and twins on the way.

What could go wrong?

Amazon: Valentine's Eve (Royal Bastards MC: Nashville, TN Book 7) - Kindle edition by Mitchell, Morgan Jane . Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

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Goodreads: Valentine's Eve by Morgan Jane Mitchell | Goodreads

My Review - 4 of 5 stars - 

I enjoyed this story, though I had a tough time following Eve's feelings between the two men. She had been hurt by Hallow, who continued to hurt her, and she did not want to let him go. Her soul was drawn to Kingpin, which led to a web of lies. Their connection seemed so much hotter and stronger, and I was very happy things worked out the way they did.

I received an ARC, and this is my unsolicited review.


Book Review: A Texan's Touch (Whispering Springs, Texas #10) by Cynthia D'Alba



What happens when fate blows your life to hell? An ugly duckling meets the beast story.

Army Major Dax Cooper’s life blew up with the IED that took his leg and most of his Delta Forces team. Medically retired, nightly dreams torture him, not only forcing him to relive the explosion time after time, but also the loss of the future he desired and is now denied. Unfocused and adrift, he follows his brother to Whispering Springs, Texas to lie low and think.

Psychologist Cora Belle Lambert understands what it’s like to be an outsider. Sandwiched between two gorgeous and successful sisters, one a former Miss Texas and the other the current high school homecoming queen, and blessed a stunningly beautiful mother, she considers herself to be the ugly duckling in her family. Determined to prove her worth, she takes on broken kids who need an avenging angel on their side. Kids. Never adults and definitely not an ex-military alpha male with sexy hard edges and mesmerizing azure-blue eyes.

Forced together on a mercy date set up by their mothers, each recognizes untapped promise in the other. Can these two broken people overcome the cruel hand of fate or will they allow their demons within to gleefully dance on their dreams?

Amazon: A Texan's Touch (Whispering Springs, Texas Book 10) - Kindle edition by D'Alba, Cynthia. Romance Kindle eBooks @

Bookbub: A Texan’s Touch (Whispering Springs, Texas Book 10) by Cynthia D’Alba - BookBub

Goodreads: A Texan's Touch (Whispering Springs, Texas Book 10) by Cynthia D'Alba | Goodreads

My Review - 4 of 5 stars - 

I enjoyed this story. Cori and Dax had their issues from their pasts that have held them back from finding a forever love. Pushed together, they found a way to heal each other. I loved how Cori was determined to see beyond Dax's injuries and help him move forward. There were moments between these two that I felt in my heart.

I received a copy of this story through 1852 Media, and this is my unsolicited story.

Blitz: My Name is Light (My Name Is Series) by Kelly Anne Manuel with a giveaway


My Name is Light by Kelly Anne Manuel

My Name Is Series

Children's Book

Date Published: 07/25/2022

Publisher: Balboa Press, a division of Hay House, Inc.

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png  


"My Name Is Light" is the newly minted Book Two of Kelly Anne Manuel's "My Name Is" Series.

In this story the Child is invited on a journey into Nature where a discovery is made with the help of the Animal Kingdom and a joyful celebration result. The Child is curious and Nature, as in real life, does not disappoint.

"My Name Is Light" begins with a Child in the great outdoors who notices something bright in their vision. The Child takes the opportunity to interact with a feeling of "light." The Animal Kingdom animates this exciting, fun, and playful adventure. The Child will learn to ask questions and see what fun adventures await when they engage actively in communication. The simple words take on new meaning as the illustrations pair perfectly with their presentation.

The Child will learn that Nature has so many wonders to explore. These wonders are available and ready for action once the Child actively engages with communication that relates directly to their own observations. Children will experience a lighthearted and fun story that will ignite their own imaginations.

Why not explore the author's theory Childhood is a time of playful fascination as well as learning? This fascination can be enhanced by literature that allows for pretend conversations. It is in Early Childhood that we learn how to connect and interact with others.

"My Name Is Light" offers a path to these connections that allows for observation, self-reflection, and play. Play is so important at this age and the Child who reads these books will be rewarded with the joy of witnessing play at its best.

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Release Boost: Hard Hit (St. Louis Mavericks #5) by Brenda Rothert and Kat Mizera

Hard Hit 

by Brenda Rothert & Kat Mizera 

Now live!

Available on All Platforms


Michael Boone has just one goal: to get traded to his hometown team so he can be closer to his family. But when a runaway bride who happens to be his coach’s daughter jumps into his car to escape Mr. Wrong, the heat is on ... in more ways than one.


I’m supposed to be a guest at my coach’s daughter’s wedding to a player from another team, but instead I find myself helping her escape it. The timing couldn’t be worse—I have to stay in Coach’s good graces to secure the trade I need. But when the sexy, newly single redhead with legs for days shows up in my life again, I can’t say no.


After escaping marriage to a man who made me feel like I was never enough, I plan to focus entirely on completing my dissertation. Science has never let me down—I can avoid emotional entanglements by focusing on cold, hard data. But when I’m powerfully drawn to a man who is warm and, okay, I’ll admit it—also hard—all bets are off. Mr. Right Now is exactly what I need, until both of us find ourselves wanting the one thing we can’t have—more.

About the Authors:

Brenda Rothert was a print journalist for nine years. She made the jump from fact to fiction in 2013 and never looked back. From hot hockey romance to steamy romantic suspense, Brenda creates fresh characters in every story she tells. She's a lover of Diet Coke, lazy weekends and happily ever afters.

For all the latest on Brenda and her books, join her Facebook reader group, Rothert's Readers.

Connect with Brenda:

USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author Kat Mizera is a South Florida native. Born in Miami Beach with a healthy dose of wanderlust, she's called Los Angeles, Long Island, upstate New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Atlanta home. She's never been able to pick which locale is her favorite, but if pressed, she'd probably choose the west coast.

A typical PTA mom with a wonderful and supportive husband (Kevin) and two amazing boys (Nick and Max), Kat can usually be found scrapbooking or indulging in her second love (after writing) - traveling. Greece is one of her favorite places in the world. She loves that Athens is a big city with a small-town feel. The food, beaches and culture keep her going back as often as possible.

Kat's been a working freelance writer for nearly 30 years. She sold her first article--a review of a rock concert--for $10 in 1985. Since then she's been an entertainment journalist, waitress, bartender, legal assistant, food critic, magazine editor, substitute teacher, and sports writer. She also spent some time working at A & M Records in Los Angeles.

As you can guess from her Las Vegas Sidewinders series, Kat loves hockey and occasionally writes articles about her favorite team, the Florida Panthers. The rest of the time, she writes novels: sexy, romantic fiction that she hopes makes you as happy as it makes her. There's something enticing about hockey players and romance...

Connect with Kat:


Preorder: Free Fall (Life Sucks #7) by Elise Faber

Free Fall 

by Elise Faber 

Releases on March 28th!

Available on All Platforms


He was her mortal enemy.
And…he’d decided she was his.

She loved being a doctor.
She didn’t love Connor Jackson.

Picking. Poking. Prodding. The man had never met a button he didn’t like to push. And since Raven had never met a fight that she didn’t see through to the end, when she and Connor were together…


Then she got hurt—really hurt—and Connor decided that she needed looking after.

And that was when she discovered that maybe what she felt for Connor wasn’t hate at all.

About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author, Elise Faber, loves chocolate, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and hockey (the order depending on the day and how well her team—the Sharks!—are playing). She and her husband also play as much hockey as they can squeeze into their schedules, so much so that their typical date night is spent on the ice. Elise changes her hair color more often than some people change their socks, loves sparkly things, and is the mom to two exuberant boys.

She lives in Northern California. Connect with her in her Facebook group, the Fabinators or email her at

Connect with Elise!

Facebook Group:


Preorder: The Seduction (Lake Bittersweet Series) by Jennifer Bernard

The Seduction 

by Jennifer Bernard 

Releases on March 28th!

Available on All Platforms


Everything changed one night in Lake Bittersweet…

Successful model Bliss Gault is known for her smile and her sunshiny attitude. The youngest child of rock legend Steven Gault, everyone sees her as the flaky, flighty member of the family. And why wouldn’t they, when she has a habit of getting in and out of messes by the skin of her teeth? But when she returns to Lake Bittersweet for her sister’s wedding with an international mess in tow…this time, she might be in over her head.

FBI Agent Earl Granger is in Minnesota to help an old Army buddy, using “head of security” for Bliss Gault as his cover. Within seconds of meeting her, the stunning blond is making him crazy with her whimsy and her sage-burning. He’s a gruff, fact-focused professional. There’s no way he’s letting her distract him from his real purpose—discovering the identity of his father. She can save the smiles and seduction act for someone else.

But fate has something very different in store for these two total opposites. From international mayhem to a passion they never saw coming…some seductions are impossible to resist.

About the Author:

Jennifer Bernard is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. Her books have been called “an irresistible reading experience” full of “quick wit and sizzling love scenes.” A graduate of Harvard and former news promo producer, she left big city life in Los Angeles for true love in Alaska, where she now lives with her husband and stepdaughters. She still hasn’t adjusted to the cold, so most often she can be found cuddling with her laptop and a cup of tea.

If you'd like to know when Jennifer's next book comes out, visit her website at to sign up for her mailing list. 

Preorder: Bender (Vegas Venom #4) by Colleen Charles


by Colleen Charles 

Releases on March 31st!

FREE with Kindle Unlimited


When I moved from Italy to play for the Vegas Venom, it was a dream come true. My parents died when I was young, and I thought that being part of the team would be like being a part of a family.

I was wrong.

It turns out that I’m on thin ice. With everyone, really, but especially with Madison McKay.

Madison has lived rent free in my head since I met her at a photo shoot and I accidentally insulted her. She’s a curvy goddess, but when I fumbled over my words she didn’t let me dig myself out of the hole I created.

It doesn’t help that my so-called friends like to tease me, purposely leading me down the wrong road. Or that my roommate is a grumpy veteran player who only speaks in three word sentences.

Now that Madison is in Las Vegas full time, I figure it’s my second chance.

When I look at her, I already see our future together. She’s mine. I just have to convince her that I’m worth another look.

But I’m about to have to convince her of a whole lot more.

When the Venom release me from the team I’m faced with a decision. I either have to return to Italy or figure out a way to stay in the states…legally.

Will Madison take a chance on forever with me or will I be heading back to my homeland alone?

About the Author:

Colleen Charles is the USA Today Bestselling author of Perfectly Imperfect Romance for perfectly imperfect readers.

Take a chance and join her... you won't be sorry you did.

Colleen loves to hear from her readers, and she answers all communications personally. You can find her at: - FREE FULL-LENGTH EXCLUSIVE NOVEL for new subscribers


Book Review: Block's Road (Riot MC Biloxi #6) by Karen Renee

  Blurb :  A night with a vigilante biker wasn’t my wisest choice. I can’t resist the cocky motorcycle man, even though Block is old enough ...