Thursday, November 23, 2023

Paperback Review: Muffin Man by Naomi Springthorp



Rules are made to be broken. Mick’s the hot fireman who rescued me. One look at his muscled body and gorgeous smile, I'm on fire. He doesn’t do second dates. Neither do I. He’s perfect. I’ve always wanted a fireman. We've got three days together. I’m going to enjoy it. Robbi’s a bleach blond with a shape to die for. Her sexy, smart-assed mouth drives me crazy. She wants me, but I’m married to my job. I want a special woman like her in my life, unfortunately it’s not an option. She deserves better than me. It’s three days and we’re done. This might work out for both of us. What does it take to save you from yourself?

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My Review - 4 of 5 stars - 

Robbi and Mick both had reasons for no commitment. Fate (and Mick's sister) pushed them together. Their heat together was instant, and they got to know each other. I enjoyed Robbi's out-there attitude and her willingness to admit to herself the truth. Mick was a bit hard-headed when it came to his reasons for no relationships, even when those around pointed out the downside in his life. It was a slow, very steamy start to the story with more substance midway through. I enjoyed the story.

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