Thursday, June 29, 2023

Cover Reveal and Preorder: Sniper (Vegas Venom #6) by Colleen Charles


by Colleen Charles 

Releases on July 28th!

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She's exactly who I was warned about.

I know I shouldn't get involved with Delilah. She's gorgeous, has a voice like a siren and her night job requires her to use both of those attributes to talk men out of their money.

A job she's very good at.

I have a few goals and keeping my one of them.

Call it a leftover insecurity from my childhood in-and-out of foster homes. Another is to stay on the team. I may have a shot that kills, but I'm still the rookie on the Vegas Venom and I have to prove myself.

I can't afford a distraction...and wow is she distracting.

She claims it's just a job-one she's using until her singing career takes off. But when she gets a break, I'm terrified that she's also using me as a launching pad for her success.

My trust issues would be better suited with someone less bright, bold and magnetic. But I can't help that funny feeling I get every time I look at her. And we can't seem to keep our hands and lips to ourselves whenever we're together.
Can I learn to believe that her intentions are good? Or will I finally push her away and lose everything that matters? 

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